Monday, 24 November 2008

Is Podcasting on the decline?

How often do you listen to a podcast these days? I remember when I got my very first iPod, podcasting was the rage, with the hype surrounding podcasting almost as popular as the impact the ipod had on modern life. For instance, would you ever imagine having white shoes or glasses before the first iPod came out?

With the modern world becoming more and more interconnected and smaller, podcasting, to me, seems to be dying out. I remember waiting with much anticipation for the next episode of my favourite podcasts to come out. Nowadays, a week sems an eternity doesn't it?

As the world becomes a steadily smaller place, are we better off that we are now so interconnected? Or are we becoming more isolated from our real friends because we spend hours and hours each and every day staring at a computer screen typing away our thoughts (ah, just like me...)