Monday, 1 December 2008

Authenticity, and getting it wrong!

I learnt an important lesson in the etiquette, if not the rules of blogging this week. With the majority of us have day jobs outside of blogging (unless you're one of the lucky few who make this a full time profession), you may have often come up against the following issue:

What to do when your day job crosses over with your blogger life and you want to seed responses?

In my case, while working for Geronimo on a web build project for the migraine product Imigran Recovery, thought it would be a good idea to post a link to the site through my Twitter account. Within minutes of my post, EaonP (also on Twitter and who I work with at Geronimo) emailed me saying that I needed to be open and honest with my postings.

Therefore, I have learnt a valuable lesson in authenticity and in effect, learnt how not to do something. As a blogging newbie, it seems to me to be quite a rare thing to read a post where someone is telling you how NOT to do something.

Not being authentic could therefore be seen as being the darkside of blogging, where you could start generating chatter and interest in a marketing campaign, which increases awareness of your pesonal blog and the business objectives of the brand you are working for. However just because you can, does this mean you should?

Learning from my mistakes, I would say no, you shouldn't.

What about you - have you ever come up against this issue? I can't believe it's just happened to me...