Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Battlestar Galactica Finale Predictions

Well, the end is nearly upon us folks, one of my favourite TV show - Battlestar Galactica is coming to an end over the next fortnight, with the two-part Daybreak episode. Poor old Galactica hey? She's been through a lot and think she is going to go out with a bang in the coming weeks. The ship is starting to look seriously beaten up now.

Here’s what I think we’re going to see in final episodes. If you haven’t yet seen the latest episode ”Isla
nded in a Stream of Stars”, you should watch it first as there will be spoilers below.

1. The cylon colony. I managed to find some HD screen grabs from the last episode so you can see just how cool looking it is. It looks like it
can be physically moved but is more of a semi-permanent base. This is supported by Ellen and Six saying that he did in fact move the base 5 momths ago. Here are a couple of pictures of it - can you see the oldy style raiders?

2. Adama is going to ram Cavil’s Baseship with Galactica, or maybe even the Colony itself. This was not-so-subtly foreshadowed by Hera playing with strategic models at the beginning of this episode, as well as the painfully dragged-out talk of Galactica “dying.” What’s less clear is who will be onboard at the time. Probably Anders has to be I think, and there are a few hints in the promo I posted prviously. Here's a refresh of Hera playing with the models.

3. Boomer’s going to betray Cavil and help Hera escape. Boomer betrays everyone, after all, though I just can’t bring myself to hate her. She’s a sweet girl, but everybody uses her except Tyrol. She’s not sure how to deal with little Hera, but when she calms down and starts to treat Hera like a little person, you can see she has a heart. And Hera has to make it to the Opera House vision.

4. What's going on with Sam? As it turns out the cylon-goo doesn't do anything for the Galactica BUT Sam, now connected into the ships systems as a hybrid would; is starting to connect to the ship to enable him ultimately to run it I suppose. With the Galactica's final mission a one-way trip, I wouldn't mind betting that it's Sam who actually crashes Galactica into the colony.

Any thoughts on the matter?