Monday, 23 February 2009

Battlestar Galactica's Lee Adama in Law & Order:UK

President Lee Adama or 'Apollo' had his first UK TV appearance since before Battlestar Galactica tonight. It's an adapt of the US version of the show. There's a couple of interview with the cast, including Apollo on ITV's site.

Lee Adama
- or Jamie Bamber when he isn't fighting off Cylons is a British born actor who shot to fame during the remastered Battlestar Galactica series in the US.

Previously to this (from what I remember!) he has appeared in the Hornblower TV series as well as something to do with the SAS also staring Ross Kemp whose name escapes me.

After seeing him on BSG for 4 years as Lee Adama, I actually forgot that he had an english accent!

First post on an actual person for me but thought I'd share it with the class!