Monday, 23 February 2009

Viral activity for 2012 film

The new film by Director Roland Emmerich - 2012, is coing out later this year. After watching the teaser trailer (see it here) and being curious, followed up on their google recommended search. This took me through to the Institute of Human Continuity - where I signed up to the email campaign.

All of this is based around the premise of a global threat, just what would happen if the governments of the world knew a cataclismic event was coming where 6 billion people could potentially be killed (they wouldn't apparently!).

I received a couple of emails from them and then last week received a new one - with a new website to go along with it.

Have a look at the trailer again here but the main action can be seen here where you can help participate in scenarios that could result in the end of the world - charming...!

If you weren't already aware of the 2012 predictions beyond the feature film, there are countless predictions and prophecies surrounding the year 2012.

To quote a Wiki entry:
The forecast is based primarily on a claimed end date of the 5,125-year Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, which is December 21, 2012, and incorporates warnings from climate experts and other environmental scientists that the Earth has reached a "tipping point" that could generate mass extinctions, as well as interpretations of assorted legends, scriptures and prophecies.

The Mayan civilization for example were aware of a unique astronomical alignment of the Earth, Sun and the centre of the Galaxy (how did they know this!) and a myth called the Kukulcan, an enormous flying serpent..

There is also a site called ''this is the end'' where Charlie Frost (aka Woody Harrelson) gives a series of talking heads mini-sodes as to the upcoming end of the world from a number of angles - worth a look

Has anyone else seen it, would be interested in hearing if you have