Sunday, 30 October 2011

MacBook Air Dilema

Over recent weeks I've been noticing more and more that my trusty 15 inch Macbook Pro is starting to creak and not really be up to scratch these days. It is an Intel Core Duo - not Duo 2 so Lion is out the window for starters. Its only got 1.5Gb ram and while I probably should have upgraded by now, a little part of me thought is there really that much difference between 1.5 and 2 Gb? Maybe, maybe not. And a Geekbench score of 2183 - bit rubbish really.

The poor old girl - my Macbook Pro

Other Apple kit includes a really, really old iBook G4 and a Powermac G5 + 20 inch lcd monitor. The G5 + lcd screen is the workstation I have always wanted and while Snow Leopard, let alone Lion is not an option, it really is an awesome machine. Saying that, with Junior coming along next month, the study has been turned into the nursery now and the G5 + monitor are in boxes in the garage.

[Not my] Powermac G5 
Trusty old iBook G4

Anyway, back to the dilemma. The MBP is fine for day to day use but is starting to show its age and could do with an upgrade. I've been thinking the options through and have decided to keep the MBP as it has been upgraded to a 320 Gb hard drive and I've got my Aperture library on there as well as some of my iTunes library.

So I've decided to go for a Macbook Air as opposed to another Macbook Pro. It's lighter and with the flash memory, faster at certain things but more importantly for me - is bang up to date. I've also decided to go for the low-end 13 inch version at 128Gb rather than paying another £350 for the increased storage capacity!

This decision was as a direct result of one review and one YouTube video.

theunit3 -Which Macbook Air should I buy? @i6laswegian


Shaun Blanc - Macbook Air Review @shawnblanc

13 inch Macbook Air I think... 
Decisions, decisions...!

So - here we go, will have to take the plunge now and actually buy the thing! Said that, I'd quite like an iPad as well please Father Christmas!